Quality restoration Peter White Furniture is a quality restorer of antiques and fine furniture.

Antique Restoration & Upholstery

Bringing your cherished furniture back to life

I am now retired 

After leaving school at 16 to train as a cabinetmaker, I have spent 50 enjoyable years making and working on beautiful objects. It is now time to slow down and as such I am no longer taking on commissions. I am, in my retirement, going to pass on my 50 years of knowledge and experience to students in my traditional upholstery school. Go to my Training Courses page for more information on how you can learn this wonderful skill.

About my work

I specialised in fine furniture restoration, conservation and repair.  I restored all types of furniture from antique to mid century, large and small, using traditional craftsmanship skills, techniques and materials.
My services  included cabinetmaking, french polishing, veneering, marquetry, turning, carving and traditional upholstery, rush and cane seating. I now only run traditional upholstery training courses, for more details visit my Training course page

 Where I'm based

My restoration studio is based near Southam, Warwickshire. But I am no longer taking on commissions. I worked for clients in Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, and the wider West Midlands area. Including Birmingham, Coventry, Leamington, Banbury and Northampton. I also traveled further afield, such as London and the home counties, if the project was large enough, or of significant importance.

Contact me

The best way to contact me and to discuss your upholstery project before booking on my traditional upholstery course is by phone on 07450 428276  (leave a message if I don't answer and I will phone you back). But if you prefer to email me, please include photos of your item and your location.

Craftsmanship & skills

I prided myself in restoring furniture to its former glory. With 50 of years experience, I used my skills as a traditional cabinetmaker to give a new lease of life to fine or cherished furniture.  

With a degree in Antique furniture conservation and restoration, I used my expertise to ensure the conservation or restoration work was sympathetic to the piece, respecting and preserving its history.

Types of furniture

 I took on all aspects of work, from a simple repair to a full restoration. I specialised in fine furniture, from antiques, Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, vintage and Mid Century. 

To have a look at my previous work, there is a gallery on each page.

Quality upholstery

I undertook the restoration of upholstered furniture, from footstools to sofas and everything in between, typically using traditional techniques such as stitched edges, and original materials, like horsehair. 
 I upholstered sprung seated and stuffed furniture, Mid Century foams, as well as caned and rush seating.
I no longer take on commissions but run Traditional upholstery courses at my studio. For more information go to the training courses page
  • Covered in a soft leather. Buttoned with small panels.
  • A rare Thonet chair of delicate design. Cleaned re-polished and re-caned.